Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cabbage potato peas curry

For someone who does not like cabbage all that much, I am posting a lot of cabbage based recipes, huh? After trying so many cabbage-recipes (cabbages are usually so big - and remain big post cooking - that one cabbage does not get over with just one dish and I am invariably left with the other half wondering what to do and thus forever on the quest for new cabbage-based recipes), I have finally started tolerating and even liking most forms of cabbage.

Finding this recipe was serndipitious - I had cabbage but only a wee bit of it. So I thought of adding potatotes for volume and then also sneak in some soaked green peas. My googling for cabbage-potato curry landed me with this recipe:


which included peas also! Yaay.

For so simple a recipe, you would not have expected the end result to taste very different from normal cabbage curry. But it did and was so yummy too. It made a great combo with rotis.

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