Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Potato Kurma

The other day, before the weekly shopping round, I only had a few potatoes, onions and tomatoes which could respectably call themselves vegetables. I wanted to make kurma and hence potato-kurma was a no brainer. I got this recipe from the same blog that featured the tasty kadala curry in the previous post.
Potato Kurma
The potato kurma was easy to make. I once again reduced the amount of coconut. The green chillis I used turned out to be way too spicy but otherwise the kurma was yummy. The last bit of seasoning with the onions and the cilantro was a great touch! It made the kurma visually appealing besides adding a nice oniony crunch. And oh, I also added a couple of whole boiled eggs sauteed in a bit of salt and pepper. Made a plus shaped slit on top of the eggs reaching half way before adding them in.

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