Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Easy chicken biryani

This recipe makes tasty chicken biryani. As an added bonus, it is quite easy to make. I was quite thrilled when I put the lid on the pan for the last bit of cooking and realized that I had not spent much time over the stove. The secret to that was using oil liberally (still not as liberal as the recipe suggested). Now I realize why restaurants have such a free hand with oil and ghee!

I followed the recipe exactly as is except for these alterations:
1. Added 1 slit green chilli to the seasoning items.
2. Cut down the recipe to use 2 cups of basmati rice rather than 3 cups and scaled the rest of the ingredients accordingly.
3. I cooked basmati rice till it started boiling in the electric rice cooker.I also added a bay leaf to the basmati rice along with the water and salt before cooking.
4. Since Indian gas-stoves do not have the "very low" temperature setting, I heated a tawa on high, then reduced the heat to the lowest setting and placed the dutch oven containing the layered chicken and the rice on top of the tawa for the last stage of cooking.
5. After turning off the stove, I left the dutch oven covered for 10 more minutes before opening the lid and mixing the chicken and rice together.

This recipe is dedicated to my sis who recently wrote about her rather interesting experience making chicken biryani :-).

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